Monday, May 31, 2010

25 Things...

And now a break from your regularly scheduled programming. I was tagged by Jessi from The Musings of a Wannabe Star to write a post consisting of 25 facts about myself. Pretty cool idea. Well, just like jumping into a very, very cold pool, here I go. If your name is listed below, list your 25 Things on your blog too. Those are the rules :) More fashion and beauty tips to come tomorrow!

1. People have called me overly sensitive. That's only because they don't understand me.
2. I love music and listen to music everyday.
3. I play the harmonica and drums and I can sing really well.
4. During college, I became a dancer and choreographer. The name of one of my dances was The Time of Greatest Quiet and I had lit candles on stage.
5. I love chocolate chip cookies, strong coffee and salmon. But not all at the same time.
6. I don't like conceited people and would tolerate a mean person over someone that is conceited.
7. I've met Tito Puente, Stacy London, Kathy Griffin and have seen Macaulay Kulkin and Lyle Lovett in Manhattan.
8. I love Brooklyn because that's where I was born and raised.
9. It takes a lot of self-restraint for me to not look like a circus freak because I love patterns!
10. I 'm good at imitating foreign accents.
11. My favorite Christmas cartoon is the Charlie Brown one.
12. I watch a lot of dumb reality shows, I'm addicted.
13. I almost joined the Navy.
14. My first concert was The Smashing Pumpkins at Nassau Coliseum.
15. I thought Michael Jackson was still alive for a while.
16. I'm a really good cook and foodie and I love to watch cooking shows.
17. I still have my original Walkman and don't want to part with it.
18. When I was a little kid, I cried because I thought I was never going to learn how to read.
19. My favorite movie is Stand By Me.
20. I used to be very shy when I was younger, now I have a hard time shutting up.
21. I am not scared to cut my hair or change my appearance.
22. My email nickname during college was Moonbeam
23. I used to know instantly if a guy liked me and was usually right.
24. Instead of lunch, I took Creative Writing during HS
25. To be continued (life isn't over yet)

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Handbag Heaven: Simply Studded

If you've been jonesing for this Rebecca Minkoff devotee satchel that Whitney Port is always carrying, (shown above) I just found a great alternative!  Last weekend I went to the Saks Off Fifth outlet and tried on the Minkoff. They had the Devotee Grommet style. It was gorgeous of course, heavy and big. It was around 400 dollars which is a good price (it retailed for more). But for a trendy bag like that, it's better that I buy something similar in style for less. That way if I get tired of it I can move on easier. This is the Steve Madden Simply Studded satchel. I left the plastic on the buckles, oops. I bought mine in tan to match my summer outfits, but many colors are available.

Steve Madden at ShopStyle

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pretty Style: It's a Wrap

A wrap dress is a curvy girl's best friend! And for slim girls, it drapes the figure so beautifully. This type of dress can go from the office to a night out faster than you can say "I'd like an apple martini, please." Being the budget-conscious girl I am, I am always looking for a good deal. Here are some options to wrap up the night.


Betsey Johnson at ShopStyle

Beverly Feldman at ShopStyle


Celeb Inspired: Sarah Jessica Parker's Tile Necklace

It's hard not to overlook the amazing necklace Sarah Jessica Parker wears with her white Halston dress in Sex and the City 2. I often feature jewelry here because it is such big a part of the total look! In her case it was a HUGE part of the look since the necklace is valued at 2 million dollars. Yowsers. I can't afford that.
The exact name of the necklace is the Solange Azagury-Partridge Random Necklace. It even sounds expensive.  Though not an exact match, check out the Zad Collarbone necklace below. The best part is that it's only 29 dollars.

Zads at ShopStyle

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Celeb Inspired: Sarah Jessica Parker

When I saw Sarah Jessica Parker wearing her white Halston dress in the Sex and The City 2 previews, I made a mental note : get a white dress pronto.

While at my favorite bargain mecca Marshall's I spotted this BCBG Max and Cleo number for only 20 dollars! Mine is a little different than SJP's since the sleeves are shorter. I didn't even try it on, I just measured it across my body and bought it. It fit perfectly. YES!

Below is the real deal Halston dress and a lower priced alternative.

Halston at ShopStyle

Asos at ShopStyle

My Style: Bring Sexy Black

Dinner out? That sounds good, because that means I don't have to cook tonight! I decided to attempt to look "sexy" and I am not usually a sexy dresser! I like either "pretty" clothes or lots of menswear inspired styles, so this is a little out of my comfort zone. I put on the old school rap station while I got ready. To give me some more attitude and of course, much needed swagger, my favorite is on...Busta Rhymes. I liked the drape of this shirt and the peekaboo sleeves were interesting. I got it at Marshall's and paired it with some Ann Taylor Loft black capris and a Dots bib necklace .

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Just Bought: Spiked Bracelet

I just got this bracelet from Kohl's. It's from Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn line. I have small wrists and this actually fits without slipping off. Mine is a darker, copper color. The spikes aren't sharp, just smooth! Tyra Banks would call this "ugly pretty". It's a way to incorporate the edgy spike trend worn on the shoulders of Rihanna or Adam Lambert. This one is no longer on Kohl', but it still may be purchased at Kohl's stores. The Guess bracelet below has a similar look and I saw Carrie Underwood wearing something like that on the Idol finale (although I'm not sure if hers was spiked)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sign of the Times

Not fashion related, but still something every woman needs!

I Just Bought: Handbag Scarf

I went to lunch with my mom today and we stopped into Burlington Coat Factory. I spotted this cute little scarf and she bought it for me. (Thanks Mom) It has no tags so I am not sure what the name brand is or the material although I am guessing it's polyester. It was cute and a good deal, so why not right? I thought it would look very cute on purses to accessorize them and add color. Some Coach bags come with a ponytail scarf that do the same thing as shown below. Do you "accessorize" your handbags too? If so, how?

Coach at ShopStyle

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's Trend: Tie Dye

The tie dye trend is big for spring. Even though I do love bright colors, I wasn't sure about this one. Until I found this dress and thought, "This is tie dye done right!" The muted color palette lets the tie dye pattern do all the talking and leaves the Woodstock vibe in the past. Groovy. I paired the dress with nude peep toes and  a structured clutch to add contrast to the circular patten.

Ra-Re at ShopStyle


Today's Trend: Kitty Couture

I've liked Hello Kitty my whole life. Way before email, when I was in 4th grade, my best friend used to write letters to me on Hello Kitty stationary and put matching stickers on it. I loved that. Now I try to limit my Hello Kitty obsession to accessories like this calculator that I use to balance my checkbook. Hello Kitty is kind of like a fashion addiction, once you catch it, it's for life.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Sneak Peek: Closet Encounters

You've seen my make-up vanity, so I had to show you my closet! In my dreams I will wake up to find a walk-in closet that rivals Mariah Carey's closet.  Until then I will have to contend with what I have:  four smaller closets scattered around my house.

I also have a small section of real estate in my husband's closet that houses additional shoeboxes that he complains about. But loving fashion comes with a price and he understands that or he pretends to. I try to keep my closets organized for the most part, but as long as stuff doesn't come tumbling out onto my head, I'm happy.

Five years and counting

Today marks five years of marriage. 
Here's the guy who really makes me feel 
pretty all the time!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beauty Buzz: Paula Dorf Concealer

 This little pot of concealer tells a big story. When I was interning for a fashion magazine writer, my boss asked, "Would you like to get a make-over by Paula Dorf?"

Can somebody pinch me?

We walked a few blocks to Paula Dorf's studio and she was ready to work her magic! I sat on a chair and she asked me if I wanted some water or a bagel. Then she started applying all the make-up onto my face with her wonderful, luxurious brushes. She even applied foundation with a brush! She was a lovely woman and told me that she had done many famous faces such as Barbara Streisand. Wow. Long story short, when she was done, my face was transformed and I found a new favorite concealer! This one is great because you can custom blend your exact shade.

Paula Dorf at ShopStyle

Pretty Style: Lace Gloves

Accessories always make me feel pretty and add serious punctuation to everyday outfits. And since they are so affordable, it's an easy way to add to your wardrobe without overspending. I recently purchased these lace gloves. Since they are so airy, they are perfect for spring! They add a feminine, but edgy touch to outfits. I created two looks around the gloves. One is a rocker style for a casual night out on the town, the other is sexy sophisticate, because after all, us girls have different sides!

Asos at ShopStyle