Monday, May 31, 2010

25 Things...

And now a break from your regularly scheduled programming. I was tagged by Jessi from The Musings of a Wannabe Star to write a post consisting of 25 facts about myself. Pretty cool idea. Well, just like jumping into a very, very cold pool, here I go. If your name is listed below, list your 25 Things on your blog too. Those are the rules :) More fashion and beauty tips to come tomorrow!

1. People have called me overly sensitive. That's only because they don't understand me.
2. I love music and listen to music everyday.
3. I play the harmonica and drums and I can sing really well.
4. During college, I became a dancer and choreographer. The name of one of my dances was The Time of Greatest Quiet and I had lit candles on stage.
5. I love chocolate chip cookies, strong coffee and salmon. But not all at the same time.
6. I don't like conceited people and would tolerate a mean person over someone that is conceited.
7. I've met Tito Puente, Stacy London, Kathy Griffin and have seen Macaulay Kulkin and Lyle Lovett in Manhattan.
8. I love Brooklyn because that's where I was born and raised.
9. It takes a lot of self-restraint for me to not look like a circus freak because I love patterns!
10. I 'm good at imitating foreign accents.
11. My favorite Christmas cartoon is the Charlie Brown one.
12. I watch a lot of dumb reality shows, I'm addicted.
13. I almost joined the Navy.
14. My first concert was The Smashing Pumpkins at Nassau Coliseum.
15. I thought Michael Jackson was still alive for a while.
16. I'm a really good cook and foodie and I love to watch cooking shows.
17. I still have my original Walkman and don't want to part with it.
18. When I was a little kid, I cried because I thought I was never going to learn how to read.
19. My favorite movie is Stand By Me.
20. I used to be very shy when I was younger, now I have a hard time shutting up.
21. I am not scared to cut my hair or change my appearance.
22. My email nickname during college was Moonbeam
23. I used to know instantly if a guy liked me and was usually right.
24. Instead of lunch, I took Creative Writing during HS
25. To be continued (life isn't over yet)

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  1. love it! I almost joined the Navy too! And I took creative writing in high school as well :)