Monday, October 31, 2011

Meow! Happy Halloween

My fur coat came in handy for my cat outfit! Happy Halloween everyone!

Another Style Twin

Nicole Richie

I already told you how Rachel Bilson was my style twin, but I also love Nicole Richie's style!
Simple, modern and chic.

Here's a look I created with her in mind for ShopStyle...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Birthday Dinner

I braved some rain and snow for this, but so worth it!!
Filet Mignon in Black Pepper Sauce with Asparagus!
And the world's strongest Sake-tini.

Then, hubby had the waiters sing Happy Birthday and carrot cake!

I wore my new MAC Ruby Woo lipstick to test its staying power. It never came off throughout the meal!


It's been SNOWING on the East Coast today! Feels more like Christmas than my Birthday! I'm going to brave the weather to keep a dinner reservation I have tonight, but here are some pics taken at my mom's house when the weather was more normal!

My niece made me this card! It has leaves for the fall and me and her holding hands! 
It said "P.S. I made this because I love you!" AWW

Blouse: Miss Tina for Walmart
Leggings: Poof! (Marshall's)
Boots: Charlotte Russe

Let's Eat Cake!

Today's my birthday! Yay! Time for cake.

Friday, October 28, 2011

OMG Ruby Woo Hoo!

I just got my MAC order today and I am so excited! I purchased Ruby Woo lipstick and Cherry Lip Pencil. I already love it very much! Ultra matte, old Hollywood red lipstick!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clutches on Parade

I just bought a leopard clutch and decided to share a few of my favorites. I think a clutch is something you can definitely pay less for since it doesn't get as much use as everyday handbags. All the clutches I own are 20 dollars or less. But there is one in the bunch that retailed for a little more. I caught it on sale.

Can you spot the pricey clutch in this bunch? The answer is below the pics!

Did you spot the pricey clutch?
*Spoiler alert: answer is next! 
 Not this sentence, but the very next one...

It's the silver leather with a snakeskin look (first clutch)!
Ann Taylor, originally retailed for around 100 dollars.

Here's a list of the others...
1. Silver clutch - Ann Taylor
2. Black with Gems - NY and Company
3. Red Ruffle - Hollywould for Target
4. Pink Bow - Hollywould for Target
5. Snakeskin - DSW
6. Lace - Payless
7. Leopard - JCPenny

On my radar: Leopard ASOS clutch

Asos at ShopStyle

Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture at ShopStyle

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Little Glitter

Glitter anyone? It's a sequin vest, but I like to think of it as glitter. More fun that way!

 *I just saw Paranormal Activity 3 last night! Yikes, anyone else see it? 

Vest: Dots
Tee: Ann Taylor
Jeans: 17/21
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Nine West

Chico's at ShopStyle

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rocking the Romper

It may be fall, but if I see a good deal, I buy it. Regardless of the season! I really wanted a floral romper with straps. I ended up buying this one from Target last spring, but I always prefer one that's not strapless! I found this one above at TJMaxx on clearance for 10 dollars. I love that it has pockets!

Do you ever shop "out of season"? 

Necklace: Forever 21
Romper: Fire
Blazer: Larry Levine
Shoes: Xhiliration for Target
Belt: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Michael Kors

Here are other great rompers at clearance prices I searched for online...

Wet Seal at ShopStyle

Full Tilt at ShopStyle

Collar Necklace and Fur Scarf

I have been wanting a collar necklace for a while now! I checked H & M and they were sold out of their version. I wanted to provide a clickable photo/link, but it's not on Shopstyle yet. So here's a picture of the F21 version with the corresponding link here.

I prefer ordering at least two items so I don't feel as bad about shipping charges. So I usually scour the shopping site I'm on for another little purchase.
Here's that second purchase with the link here

A furry cheetah scarf. I have seen way pricier designer versions of this style so it's quite a deal for about 12 dollars.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

7 Shopping Sins I Have Commited

 Oops, I did it again!

I was just thinking of all the CRAZY things I have done for the love of fashion. These are sins FOR fashion! I call them shopping fouls. These are sins not against fashion (like acid-washed jeans)

Here's my list, lemme know if any of these sound familiar...

7. Followed someone around a store to see if they would put their item down.  
6. Not buying that last item you liked, so waking up extra early to go to the store and buy it the next day.
5. Buying another cocktail dress that you don't need.
4. Buying a size that's too large or too small just because you love it. 
3. Sneaking into Juniors (not dressing my "age", whatever that means)
2. Ordering shoes online (that hardly works out for me)

And now for my number one shopping grievance...
1. Buying something just because it was on sale!

Any of these sound familiar? What's your biggest shopping offense?


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Menswear and Sequins Haul

Just a few of the latest additions to my closet...

 H & M
Unassuming striped shirt with tons of styling potential

TJ Maxx
Passport cotton flannel
It it very fitted and more girly on, while it's still a nod to the guys.
But my style is kind of androgynous at times. 

Cole Haan Air Loafers
These shoes are ridiculously comfortable and though discounted, still kind of pricey!
But I do like comfort. And it looks like a man's loafer, which is why I probably like them so much.

Forever 21
Sequin Peekaboo shoulder blouse
 This top is decidedly girly. And sparkly. I am a bit of an extreme in everything I do. 
I am a Scorpio, that's just how we roll.
So most times I either dress like a guy or a sparkly prom queen.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catch the Wave for Less

I think Forever 21 caught wind of the Missoni for Target craze because lots of zig zags are making waves throughout their stores! I fell in love with a Missoni (not for Target) scarf at Saks recently, but it was still on the pricey side. I found this F21 scarf which gives that designer look for about 10 dollars. There are a few subtle pattern differences, but it's a very close option.

Did you score any Missoni for Target swag during the first few days?

This is a F21 wave scarf...

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

And this is a Missoni scarf...

Missoni at ShopStyle

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Target Shopping List

Fall is in full swing! I headed over to Target to pick up some items that I needed to jump start my fall looks.

Funky earrings: 
I wear more earrings during the fall and winter. Maybe it's because if I am wearing heavy outerwear, they add some visual interest around my face! These earrings had a unique sculptural look. And they are lightweight which is important. I try to avoid heavy earrings.

Neutral nail polish:
I have lots of summer colors, so I needed some muted fall nail polish to round out my collection. Here are two Essie polishes I chose. Lady Like and Cocktail Bling.  Did I buy it for the color or because it had the word "bling" in it? Did you know Lil Wayne coined that word? I digress.

So I had to start with Cocktail Bling for this week's manicure.
It's a gray with blue undertones.
Very sophisticated neutral.

Eyeshadow brushes:
I also wear more eye make-up during colder months as you can see from my NAKED series! So I needed
a blending brush and some contour brushes. I thought I'd try these from ELF. The last one 
(Angled Contour Brush) has a flat top and just a slight angle, perfect for blending.

What's on your fall fashion and beauty must haves list?

Closet Confessions with Susie Bubble

"The blog is like my baby. You have to keep feeding it. Otherwise it'll die" 
-Susie Bubble, fashion blogger

I have seen all of the Closet Confessions on My favorites are Kelly Osborne, Kimora Lee Simmons and now Susie Bubble, international fashion blogger. She is adorable and so cool! And she is not afraid to stand out in a crowd. I love when fashion is fun. In that way, she reminds me a bit of Betsey Johnson who I absolutely adore. I am living for those turquoise speckled Manolos she shows towards the end.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Final NAKED Look: Smokey Night Eyes

I can't believe how much false eyelashes used to intimidate me and now I love putting them on. No problem! Just goes to show you can overcome even the smallest obstacles if you put your mind to it. Even false eyelashes!

Here's the final NAKED look for this week! I was going out, so I wanted to do a dark, smokey eye. Here's how:

1. Prep lid with Primer Potion.
2. Sweep BUCK over the lid.
3. Apply GOLD RUSH near lash line.
4. I used a combination of DARKHORSE (crease) and GUNMETAL (right above the GOLD RUSH)
5. VIRGIN in the inner corners and brow bone.
6. A coat of mascara, lined the eyes with liquid liner. Then swept a bit of DARKHORSE on as my lower eyeliner. Also placed some GOLD RUSH under as well for a little shimmer.
7. Also applied some URBAN DECAY lipgloss.

Urban Decay at ShopStyle