Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beauty Buzz: Paula Dorf Concealer

 This little pot of concealer tells a big story. When I was interning for a fashion magazine writer, my boss asked, "Would you like to get a make-over by Paula Dorf?"

Can somebody pinch me?

We walked a few blocks to Paula Dorf's studio and she was ready to work her magic! I sat on a chair and she asked me if I wanted some water or a bagel. Then she started applying all the make-up onto my face with her wonderful, luxurious brushes. She even applied foundation with a brush! She was a lovely woman and told me that she had done many famous faces such as Barbara Streisand. Wow. Long story short, when she was done, my face was transformed and I found a new favorite concealer! This one is great because you can custom blend your exact shade.

Paula Dorf at ShopStyle

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