Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Style: Bad Ballerina

When you think of a ballerina, you think pink and sweet. Well, here's the other side! I bought this skirt a couple of years ago. It was part of Target's Go International line. Solange Knowles wore it once and paired it with a ruffled shirt and a studded belt, but I think the skirt needs something simpler like my black tee! A ruffled skirt can be paired with leggings too. I think the key to making the look wearable is also simple footwear like a stiletto heel.

Here's Solange wearing the skirt her way (also cute)

Since that line has come and gone, I found other options for some cute black ruffled skirts below...

Bebe at ShopStyle
Express at ShopStyle

Friday, July 30, 2010

My Style: Fabulous 40's

I love the fashion of the 1940's. Here's a 40's inspired look that I toughed up a bit to make it 2010 ready. The dress is a sheath with a faux wrap on the skirt. And I added some fun accessories to jazz it up!

Headband: Forever 21
Lace gloves: Claire's
Dress: Carol Little
Nude Heels: Mossimo (Target)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Photo Flashback: The Blue Dress

I look a little funny in this picture, not sure what the heck I'm doing with my mouth, but I had to post the blue velvet dress that started my obsession with all things fashion! This is the dress I mentioned in my About Me profile.

When I was a kid, I never really picked out my own clothes. My mom just bought me clothes, but I usually liked everything she chose. She was a fashionable lady (still is). I had to do a show for school and I guess all us girls had to wear blue dresses and white stockings. That paper collar around my neck, that's another story. And why I am the only girl wearing a red tie instead of green? Not sure. But I do remember that I was more excited about wearing this blue dress than performing in the actual show.

Here's the blue dress redo for 2010...

Isabella Oliver at ShopStyle

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Just Bought: Gladiator Sandals

Summer's still swinging, that's why I just bought these cool gladiator sandals at Marshall's. I love the silver color because it can go with a lot of things in my closet!

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Style: Pink for Days

My photographer (my husband) was available to take some photos for me. I usually set up the camera to take my own pictures! It was a nice day today, a little cooler than the recent heat. That bag is one of my favorites...looks a little like a Birkin.

Dolman pink top: The Limited
Handbag: Target
Jeans: Marshall's 
Necklace: Mother of Pearl bought in Bahamas
Toe ring sandals

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jewelry Spotlight: Turquoise Necklace

I'm kinda crazy about turquoise...real or faux, doesn't matter! I was on the fence about this necklace. I am a shortie and I didn't want it to overpower me, but I think I can tame this thing after all. This necklace is not for the faint of heart since it makes a really big statement. It's by Mixit and is available at JCPenny for $19.99. More options below.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Style: Hot Hot Hot

Wow, another sweltering day in NY! What to wear? I decided to keep it simple with a ruffled Isabella Rodriguez white top, jean shorts and a Tommy Hilfiger tote. Pearl studs are my earring choice. And my ever present toe ring sandals complete my look. Stay cool pretty ladies!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Just Bought: Dos Kimono Dresses

Uh-oh, here comes double trouble. I don't have a twin but I bought "twin" dresses! I couldn't decide between these two prints so I bought them bought. You've probably guessed that I can't resist pink. Kimono dresses were a huge trend in 2006 when Sarah Jessica Parker and a ton of other celebrities used to wear them religiously. It's such a flattering cut for most body types, especially curvy types. The v-neck, flutter short sleeves, empire waist and cute print. They're very forgiving. So trendy or not, I'm still wearing kimono dresses!

My favorite is the one on the right, because I like its ethnic vibe. But I could always use an extra dress for running around town in. They're both by Xhilaration from Target. Oops, I forgot to wear shoes! But I'm thinking wedges.

Check out this similar dress and tell me, do you buy multiples when you see something you like too?

Angie at ShopStyle

My Style: Slouchy Tee

I have been searching high and low for the perfect slouchy tee. I have small shoulders so I need something that falls off the shoulder slightly without a possible "wardrobe malfunction". I found this Carol Little top at Marshall's and it fits the bill! I paired it with my LC Lauren Conrad skirt and straw Kmart Fedora.

Here are some more lovely slouchy options!

Friday, July 23, 2010

(Funny) Fashion Vid Pick: Santino

The new cast of Project Runway Season 8 has been featured online already and of course, I have to watch this new season (even though the show has lost some of its je ne sais quois). The best season was Season 2 when Santino Rice was on! I am a bit of a clown, so I love to see other clowns in action. 

This guy was so addictive, I mean, even my husband watched a few shows with me.
Here's a little trip down memory lane to see Santino in all his hilarious glory.

Handbag Heaven: Studded Satchel

I picked up this Steve Madden studded satchel recently. I also featured a Steve Madden hobo I picked up in caramel a little ways back. I have a serious stud obsession! I also love love love Rebecca Minkoff bags (but my budget begs to differ)!

It's sometimes hard to indulge in trendy bags without breaking the bank, so my plan is this: invest in a couple of nice leather bags to own for life and sprinkle in some fun, trendy bags for less! Here is a similar bag to the one I am carrying.

Steve Madden at ShopStyle

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Style: Hearts Aflutter

I went singing last night at my fav karaoke spot. I usually end the night with my swan song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and then I started thinking ...hearts, I kinda love 'em, don't I?

They're cute all year round (not just on Valentine's day!) These are some heart shades I own. I usually wear them to the beach. The black and white shades are from Forever 21. The black are from Walmart. Here are some more heart options and of course, the Glee version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with stills. Be sure to sing along if you'd like!

Today's Trend: Fashion Takes Action

One of my former co-workers visited his native South Africa and returned with beautiful gifts for everyone. He gave all the women a handmade tribal bracelet. Since my small wrist is always a problem, I added some Velcro so it would fit me.

And the bracelet goes great with this OmniPeace t-shirt. I own a couple of these shirts and 25 percent of the proceeds goes to end poverty in Africa. Fashion with a purpose...can't beat that!

Delia's at ShopStyle

Asos at ShopStyle

Sneak Peek: My Favorite Model

LnA at ShopStyle

Every style lover has one...a favorite model. I have a few, but I love Kate. Not for her lifestyle, personality or love for rock musicians, but just for what she contributes to the world of fashion. Here are the top three reasons why I've liked Kate for such a long time.

1. She's a chameleon: she can pull off almost every look imaginable. Classic beauty, rocker girl, blond hair, black hair, whatever is thrown at her! She pulls it off and never looks ridiculous.

2. She's short! And she didn't let that stop her from working the runway.

3. She has a unique, effortless chic look. It's totally original and looks natural. 

4. more reason...she dated Johnny Depp. Enough said.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sneak Peek: My Favorite Martini...bag!

Do you guys remember It was a website for up and coming designers and trendy companies. (It eventually became Back when it was still, there were a lot of unique items for sale. Here is a cute bag I picked up that I love to pieces! This one is by Transversion which is made by Loop NYC. This bag is a few years old so it's hard to find, but by searching for Loop bags online, at for example, you can find all kinds of cool designs like boomboxes, etc. In the meantime, I added a martini necklace to liven up the party!

Dogeared at ShopStyle