Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Style: Levi's Bermudas

I have been wearing Levi's jeans forever! When I was a teenager, I was slim so I bought men's 501 button fly jeans all the time since I had very small hips. Now that I am more curvy, I graduated to 515's. I have tried on approximately one billion pairs of jeans in my life and bought just as many I bet! But I always come back to Levi's as my mainstay. I picked up these 515 bermudas and they're great. Is it just me or have shorts gotten WAAY shorter over the last couple of years! I like denim bermudas because they remind me of Jennifer Gray's character Baby and her shorts in Dirty Dancing.

Levi's at ShopStyle

Fashion Vid Pick: Rachel Zoe Shops

I die! It's a member of my Fashion Bucket List...Rachel Zoe!
August 3rd, Mark your calendars, It's the new season of the Rachel Zoe Project. More fabulous fashion, more drama, but no Taylor this season...interesting.

Here she was shopping at New York Vintage with Brad last season. It's not exactly the Salvation Army, but still vintage!

Handbag Heaven: Brighton Sienna

I saw Kate Gosselin carrying this bag last year and I wanted it. She has an overall different style than I do, but she hit on a cute bag. It was sold out everywhere, so I bought mine on eBay. It's the Brighton Sienna croco embossed leather handbag.

Spiegel at ShopStyle

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Style: Thrift Store Chic

Today I dropped off a few things off at the Salvation Army and of course, I had to look around. Hey, I'm an equal opportunity shopper...Macy's, Saks, Kmart, Kohl's, The Salvation Army. Fashion is fashion and I don't discriminate. I found a gem with its original tag attached too. And the fit was perfecto.

I only paid $4.99 for it. Aww, yeah!

I will incorporate it into a complete outfit and post soon, but I was too excited not to share right away!

Tahari By Elie Tahari White Jacket and this thing was pretty flawless! 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sneak Peek: Fashion Lust List

Voom at ShopStyle

If I were a rich girl...

Following the tradition of my Fashion Bucket List, I compiled this Fashion Lust List! I am a budget fashionista, but I love designer items and I know a lot about designers, their clothes, their middle names, their pets' names (well, maybe not all of the pets)

So if money were no object and I could forgo paying my mortgage, these are the top ten items I would love to see in my closet in no particular order. Many are classic investment pieces that I would cherish for life. Did I miss anything? Let me know what you're lusting after!

1. Chanel Cambon Classic Quilted 2.55 flap bag
2. Chanel tweed jacket
3. Any short white Marchesa dress with feathers
3. Christian Louboutin black pumps
4. Christian Louboutin over the knee leather boots
5. Burberry trench coat
6. Hermes Crocodile Birkin Bag
7. Louis Vuitton rolling suitcase
8. Gucci Hobo bag
9. A perfect fitting pair of leather pants (any designer)
10. Balmain blazer

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Just Bought: Denim Jacket

I own an obscene number of jean jackets.

I just love them. They're so cute, casual and classic! If you noticed, I have been posting a lot of "I Just Bought" entries. I guess I've been finding some great deals this week! Here's an Apt. 9 cropped jean jacket I bought at Kohl's, size small. It has distressing on the back and also in the front. It was the last one in the store, but you can find it right here:

Size small is the only size left, but it's big for a small. I added my straw cowboy hat for fun. I bought that at Kmart last year! Not a hat I wear everyday, but super cute for the beach and if it works for Bret Michaels,  why not?

Here is an option for jean jacket.

Blue London Jean at ShopStyle

Pretty Style: Monokinis

Carmen Marc Valvo at ShopStyle

When it comes to swimwear I was always a string bikini girl. But now that I am a little older, I don't turn up my nose at one-pieces anymore! Especially when they're this sexy!

The monokini, a one-piece with cut-outs, is still hotter than ever. I have a floral one that I am still nervous about wearing, but I'd like a black one. Do you remember when Jim Carrey hilariously "borrowed" this Carmen Marc Valvo swimsuit from his girlfriend Jenny McCarthy a couple of years ago and even he looked good in it? What's your swimsuit, bikini or monokini?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Just Bought: White Capris


I had some white jeans, but I wanted capris. These are the exact pair I bought from Kohl's. I am a bit on the curvy side, so I don't like ultra-low jeans and these are mid-rise.

So, I bought a mini-skirt this week and now capris? I am breaking all kinds of fashion rules. Capris do not have to be frumptastic. You just can't wear them with frumpy sneakers. But a white capri pant, some ballet flats or sandals and a black tee. Very Jackie O and chic.

Friday, June 25, 2010

One year without MJ

This was my costume last Halloween. What can I say?
Michael Jackson, the King of Pop

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Just Bought: Studded Handbag

Ooh, I love my new bag! With a statement bag like this, I kept the rest of my outfit pretty simple. The black tank is Ann Taylor Loft, the pink blazer is a thrifted Alfred Dunnar jacket, the shorts are Chip and Pepper. I almost forgot that hat! It's a man's D&Y cap.

I have many sides to me, but one side is definitely a rocker chick! After all, the Smashing Pumpkins was the soundtrack of my youth! Here's the cute studded bag by Steve Madden that's featured in the above outfit. I try to buy leather bags, but when I see something trendy, I don't care if it's leather or not, I just gotta have it! Steve Madden bags mimic designer trends. The other Madden bag I featured reminded me of Rebecca Minkoff, this one has both a Badgley Mischka and Rebecca Minkoff appeal that I like. Check this out...

Badgley Mischka at ShopStyle

This is a Badgley Mischka

Rebecca Minkoff at ShopStyle

And a Rebecca Minkoff...

Steve Madden at ShopStyle

And this is the Steve Madden, pretty close huh?

I Just Bought: Flower Headband

I'm trying to grow out my hair...again. I usually get frustrated and cut it off, but I'm really trying this time. To ease the torture of in-between, puff head syndrome, I started using headbands. Not only do they divert attention, they're feminine and cute.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fashion Vid Pick: Kathy Shops with Paris

I love Kathy Griffin. I shouldn't, but I do. I also had the pleasure of meeting her and the convo went like this:

Me: Oh my Gosh, Kathy, I watch you on tv. I saw you at Chi-Chi's eating with your friends (by friends I meant her "gays" as she refers to them, but I was too shy to say that)

Kathy: (while holding my hands) Yes, I'll go anywhere for a deal. (Then hugs me!)

I am knee deep watching her new season of my Life on the D-List and haven't seen any "fashion" moments yet to report, so in case you missed it, here she is shopping with Paris Hilton last season and it ends with Kathy's adorable mom Maggie. Enjoy!

My Style: Cell Phone Holder

Call me old-fashioned, but I like a simple phone, usually a flip phone. But now that I am texting, I decided to make use of my free upgrade. The sound isn't great, but it makes up for that with it's cute purple keypad.

 I used to have an adorable cover for my old phone!  Here it is:

So I would love another cute bag or something to put my phone. And I will probably buy this one if it fits because I've been stalking it for a while. 

Juicy Couture at ShopStyle

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Just Bought: Leopard Clutches

I am addicted to clutch wallets. They're nice to carry on their own and great for inside a bigger handbag. They satisfy that I-want-a-new-bag urge for a lot cheaper than a handbag would. And for those who want to ease into prints, these are great to place in solid colored black or white bags and then WHAM, pull one out to bring on the prints.

I bought these two at Payless at the BOGO sale. (Couldn't decide between the two and I'm kinda crazy about purple!) I bought these at the Payless store, I checked online and didn't see them but I added one from Kohl's and Target below.

Mundi at ShopStyle

Xhilaration at ShopStyle

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sneak Peek: My Fashion Bucket List

Siwy at ShopStyle
 Lunch with V tops my list! 

If you have seen the movie The Bucket List, you know that the term "bucket list" is basically a wish list of things to do before you die. I probably have one for life in general, but I started thinking of a fashion-related bucket list and here it is in no particular order.

1. Meet Stacy London ( I DID! One down 9 to go)   
2. Go to a Chanel Fashion show and sit in the front row
3. Go shopping and have lunch with Victoria Beckham (I'm thinking tacos)
4. Have a fashion spread in a major magazine (even if it's me getting a makeover!)
5. Have an article published in a major fashion magazine
6. Meet Betsey Johnson and have her do a cartwheel for me
7. Meet Tyra or one of the Jays
8. Have Rachel Zoe style me for an awards show (in case I win a Grammy or Oscar)
9. Walk in a runway show (all 5 feet and 3 inches of me)
10. Win a million dollars and go shopping in Paris (this is a bucket list, a girl can dream:)

Did I miss anything? Add comments and let me know what tops your list!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Just Bought: LC Denim Mini

I know that Stacy London would bite my head off for this one, but I just bought this skirt today.

It's a denim mini by LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. Are there any fashion rules you refuse to live by?
Add your comment.

Lauren Conrad at ShopStyle