Saturday, February 5, 2011

Couscous for Collette

Collette, this one's for you! Of course I am referring to Collette from Statements in Fashion, love her! This is a vegetarian meal I hope you'll like :) I made it for dinner tonight.

I have always liked couscous, but I used to eat it by itself. Now I add vegetables on top cooked in broth. I used beef broth, but you can use any broth you prefer such as vegetable or chicken. I just make the boxed couscous and pile the veggies on. It's filling, healthy and affordable!

I use fresh broccoli and carrots with canned peas and corn.
I love fresh vegetables, but I will also use whatever I have on hand. 
Sometimes I'll add some Adobo (I'm Puerto Rican, I can't help it)
I cook until tender, but not too soft, I still like them to have some bite! 
Sometimes I'll add a little corn starch to thicken the broth

I love the garlic and olive oil 

Final product...Yummy


  1. i love this dish , so delicious and healthy

  2. How in the HEXX did I miss this post?? Holy cow hunnie...this looks awesome!! I use the same box too, hehehe....thanks for posting...Im definitely going to keep the recipe!!!

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