Sunday, July 31, 2011

Coney Island, Brooklyn, U.S.A.

Fun afternoon at Coney Island. I sent my sis this picture and she goes "Where did you get that dress?" lol Marshall's! Who wears a maxi dress to ride bumper cars...only me. Here is the original dress post.

I love bumper cars. I am the freakin' Mario Andrettti of bumper cars. After terrorizing a couple of ten year old boys, I bumped hubby also. The secret is domination is to hug the outside corners, then go in for the "bumps".

After all that "driving", we went to Footprints, a West Indian restaurant. I ordered the garlic shrimp, rice and peas, plantains and cabbage.


  1. The dress is really lovely, I'm not shocked by your sister's reaction. :)

    Fashion Rehab

  2. That is one lovely dress doll and from Marshall's WOW... I love all your pictures so pretty and that food it looks so delicious.

    <3 Marina