Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer at Marshall's Haul

It's crazy how much stuff I buy at Marshall's. I just can't resist their deals.

These shoes look very similar to the Jessica Simpson wedges I previously featured. But these are lighter in color and have more heel support via that extra leather in the back. (These and the Simpsons are all fashioned after those amazing Stuart Weitzman wedges made popular by Jennifer Aninston).

I found them online...

Steve Madden at ShopStyle

I really don't need another make-up bag, but how was I expected to walk by this Betseyville bag and not buy it? Impossible. The shimmer is actually mini stars. Pink, shimmery things just make me happy.

Here's something I actually do need. An eye serum. I use it under my eyes, but also on my neck, face, wherever! It is infused with Vitamin C and I love anything citrus. The pump bottle looks so serious that I am fooled into thinking I am looking younger every time I use it. I'm not looking for miracles, but I am a big advocate of moisturizing and the product itself is pretty amazing at doing just that.  I paid around 7 dollars, but this is something I would consider buying at full price. Here is the best price I found it for on Overstock.

Whenever there's talk of skin care, "sun" care talk is never too far. These are cute Steve Madden aviator style sunglasses. They are a gorgeous caramel brown shade that allows the eyes to still be seen slightly. Great for looking stylish and keeping UV rays at bay.


  1. I love marshal's to there deals are great omg love those shoes !!!

  2. Cute shoes, I love Marshall's.

  3. OMG those shoes! such a good dupe for the Jessica Simpson ones! good stuff

  4. Steve Madden at Marshall's?! Seriously?? I think I have to start shopping there. I haven't even heard the name Marshall's in years - I forgot they existed!

    xo katie elizabeth

  5. I absolutely love love Marshall's. You can always find great brands at amazing and affordable prices. Thx for sharing girl.

    <3 Marina