Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beauty Buzz: Almost Lipstick, but better!

I was looking for one of my sunglasses and started looking through purses. I came across my long lost Clinique Almost Lipstick. This is an amazing product. It's won best of beauty awards all over the place and for good reason. It's like Chapstick, only better! Don't let the dark shade fool you. It's the perfect rosy, red lip. Looks like you were born with this look. I read somewhere that models often wear this at castings (or go-sees) when they want their lips to look natural, but with a hint of color. Not sticky or thick. Not like a gloss either. So it's great for summer when you don't want extra heaviness. I'm glad I found it because it needs to join the rest of the gang living in beautyland!

Clinique at ShopStyle

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