Friday, January 21, 2011

Fields of Lavender

I just love the smell of lavender. It's relaxing and invigorating at the same time. It's a good scent for me since as much as I'd like to relax, something's still usually brewing upstairs! When I go to the spa (which is usually only on special occasions) the facialist sometimes places a drop of lavender oil under my nose while my mask is on. My husband laughed when I called it "entertainment for my nose".

Here's a sampler kit of lavender body wash and lotion I picked up at Crabtree and Evelyn. I like the cute box it comes in since it looks like a mini book! I added more lavender products from C&E below.


  1. LOVE this scent....and I love Crabtree & Evelyn...they just put in a new one at an outside Mall near I have to wait for it to warm up...too too cold to go purusing outside right now,lol

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  2. You're so right. It's freezing today! I just ordered more of the lotions off their site too!