Sunday, January 2, 2011

Body Shop Haul

I love January! The sales are so ridiculous...I mean they're practically giving stuff away. I picked up some of my favorite Body Shop products today for only 3 dollars each!

These are all from the Originals line. I grew up using these products and was so excited to see them back!

I bought:

2 Passion Fruit Cleansing Gels
Banana Shampoo
Cucumber Freshening Water
Carrot Face Cream

A lot of these items are sold out online except the cucumber water, but you can find them at the store. There are also great deals on the site. I also ordered the Cucumber Cleansing Milk, a White Musk perfume kit and a make-up brush roll that usually goes for $90 for only $15.
 (link for brush roll)

The Body Shop at ShopStyle

The Body Shop at ShopStyle


  1. wow great buys! Im heading to the online shop now :) xx

  2. Lovin all your new goodies....Happy New Year hunnie!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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