Monday, January 24, 2011

Photo Flashback: Little Black Dress

I haven't done a photo flashback in a while so here it goes. This was on my birthday in 1999. My husband and I were dating and it was out real first date on Spirit Cruises. I ended up wearing a Tina Turner wig and performing with the staff but that's another story for another post I guess. I needed to dress up and believe it or not, I didn't own a proper little black dress. As a matter of fact, my wardrobe was all work clothes. So I rushed to the mall and actually bought this strapless dress at Sears! For 30 dollars. The top part has some sequins and the shoes were caged ankle straps that belonged to my mom. I loved that dress and the fun night we had made this a special birthday for me. It also taught me two things...always have an LBD on hand for nights out...and I make a pretty good Tina Turner!

Here are some little black dresses I love...

Here's a dress similar to the one in my photo...

White House at ShopStyle


  1. Ohm this picture is to die for look at you and your hubs , you look so happy you haven't changed you have that warm smile ;)

  2. How the both look fabulous!!!

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