Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lipstick and KitKat

I kind of love shopping at drugstores. Where else can you get lipstick, shampoo and a KitKat bar all at the same time?

I went to Rite Aid today and purchased the following...

Being a budget conscious girl, I color my own hair, but I have to admit, it's work! I used to try to lighten it and add highlights, but that's too much work. Now I go for one color with undertones. I'm far from a pro so I stick to colors close to my natural dark brown. This is designed for dark hair and I like the reddish undertones. Although it won't turn me into a redhead, it will cover grays (I have a couple) and brighten my hair overall.

Also bought some more lipstick. (because the only thing I love more than KitKat is lipstick).
It's Revlon Colorburst in Baby Pink. I also bought the Revlon Colorstay Mineral lipglosses in Endless Lilac and Timeless Nude.

Baby Pink is available on both Ulta and Drugstore.com 

Here's another wild little purchase. If you haven't been a part of the "Slanket" craze, you're missing out! A friend of mine gave the original blue Snuggie last year and I did use it. I know they look a little funny, but who doesn't love a blanket...with sleeves. And these are cute for the kids in my life. I for one would love a Hello Kitty Snuggie if they start making those.

Disney at ShopStyle

I almost forgot the aforementioned KitKat! I buy the snack sized since I feel guilty eating a whole bar of candy. It probably doesn't matter, but it makes me feel like I'm trying!

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  1. Love the little pink lipsticks...love KKats too, especially in the freezer:)