Monday, June 27, 2011

Closet Clean-up and Tour

I'm exhausted. I just spent the last couple of hours cleaning me closet(s). I have the most insane set-up in my house that usually drives me bananas. I'm talking B-A-N-A-N-A-S bananas.

It's basically 4 separate closets: one  for summer blouses, one for mostly pants/shoes, one for handbags and winter items and a last one for dresses and other items I don' t have a spot for! Oh, one more...for coats but I don't count that closet since it's not really clothes for outfits.

Of course, I would love ALL of my things in one big closet but I have yet to build that in the one room I could possibly do it...the never used sun room! I am a perfectionist so I really want to find the best arrangement that won't cost a fortune (shelving etc) that could possibly take on all of my stuff! Some people think having a walk-in closet is frivolous, but you ladies understand, girls like us NEED one! Here are my neater closets :)

I use those hanging cloth organizers to store handbags.  In addition to a shelf I have underneath for bigger bags.

For shoes, I have basic shoe racks... 

And those amazing hanging shoe racks. 

I hope you liked my closet tour! Be sure to share your closet set-up, tips and other ideas below :)


  1. holy collection! so jealous of your closet!!

    XO Sahra

  2. OMG you have oodles and oodles of SWAG! Love it.

    New to your site but wanted to pass along my FIRST every giveaway!

    xo- Natalie