Friday, June 24, 2011

LUSH Haul: The Sequel


I am a reformed product junkie!  Especially facial cleansers. I have tried them ALL! High-end to drugstore brands. I am sold on LUSH's facial cleanser! But I will tell you more about that after the jump...

So, I went back to LUSH for a second helping! I love Honey I Washed the Kids Soap. So I had to get more. And also Sexy Peel. I also bought another Bath Bomb. This time Butterball.

LUSH employees are so incredibly nice and very laid back. They will give you samples of anything you want to try and these are good sized samples! The last time I got three samples without even asking for them. This time I asked for two specific products I heard about. I wanted to try Porridge soap as seen above. It's an oatmeal soap and has lots of texture. So she gave me a good sized chunk as seen above. It's ok, but not in total love with it and wouldn't buy it again.

Also wanted to try Angels on Bare Skin cleanser and she gave me that clear container with enough cleanser for at least 8-10 washes! At first I didn't think it would give my combination skin the matte texture I always look for. It did not produce lather and had the consistency of a facial mask when you rub it on.

It's hard to find a facial cleanser that will get rid of oil and not strip your skin! But after I dried my face, it was so soft, matte, and perfect. My skin is sensitive and this did not affect it one bit. I recommend this product completely and I have tried every facial cleanser in existence. It ranks high on my list of favorites.

To read more about its ingredients and more reviews you can click below. Or, if you want to try it first, ask your LUSH employee for a sample like I did :)

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  1. you make me want to run into a local lush !!! I might try the sample route =)