Friday, June 17, 2011

Shiny, Happy Products

I haven't used soaps in a long time since I always go for body washes. But with my recent LUSH haul, I needed a soap dish! I found a perfect one for my LUSH Sexy Peel (which by the way is absolutely fantastic) So instead of a regular soap dish, I bought this smiley face bowl. It's perfect for the Sexy Peel which is bright and citrusy. I love anything lemon scented and this soap has both lemon and orange and exfoliating bits. So, a big smiley face is in order.

Lush at ShopStyle

I also went to the Dollar Tree and picked up a bunch of CG eye shadows and an ELF eyeshadow brush.
So far, I like four of them (the darker shades), but for a dollar a piece, it's fun to experiment with new colors and I'll probably use these to layer with other shadows. Or I could always "transform" them into eyeliners! The amazing Paula Dorf (who actually did my make-up once during one of my writing internships) used the product below during my make-up session and I've been hooked on it ever since. It turns your powders into liners!

Paula Dorf at ShopStyle

Then I picked up some socks. I try not to spend a lot on socks or t-shirts, so when they start getting worn looking I can just toss them for new ones. These were cute. Polka-dots and stripes. I don't take my socks too seriously since no one sees them anyway :)

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  1. I need to go to the Dollar Store so I can have some make up to mess around with!!