Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Singing Debut

I wore this little color blocking outfit out singing tonight in NYC.
 I always talk about how much I love music and singing, so
 without further adeiu here is some footage hubby took of me doing just that!

First, I just had to rep Brooklyn and do some Notorious BIG, here's part one

and part two...

And here's my favorite, Adele!


  1. Omg I have to watch this my iPad isn't working grrrr ok I'll be back love the color on you ;)

  2. Thank you so much for your amazing comment :) Great singing :) I just finished my last assignment for the semester just then but I still have so much studying to do for exams ahh! Just wanted to sneak in a little comment to you though ^_^ x
    PS- If you have Facebook and a spare second, I would love if you voted for me in this huge blogging competition. It ends in one week! Just visit this page, click 'vote now' and heart all of my blog posts xx

  3. OMG, you were soo good, girl! you got talent!! Really enjoyed it :)

  4. pitty I can't open the video's! but you look pretty for sure x

  5. wow your great !!! loved it the Adele was breath taking !!! and of course BIG what isn't to love =)