Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dreaming of Paris

I bought this lovely painting of the Eiffel Tower and told my husband I'd replace it with one of my own photos when I go to Paris. I say, "when" instead of "if" because I am thinking positively! ;) I can't wait to bring my Erica-ness to the Parisians :)

Some of my pretty followers have already been to Paris! Share your stories below, the sights, sounds and food! (and of course, don't forget the shopping details!)


  1. I had the pleasure to go to Paris it was amazing I will never forget it !!! I hope to go again and walk with my baguette !!! I can proudly say I was on the top of the tower of Eiffel and my hotel window I slept looking at it every night

  2. I share the same dream Erica. You'll get there! :)

  3. You would love Paris! I was there back in 2008 and the city is just beautiful. All the buildings are no higher than 6 floors and originally the eiffel tower was there for the world fair and was going to be taken down. So glad it stayed. I was there for only a weekend for a business trip. I did do some shopping :) Yesterday's trench was from Paris Zara, you want to go to Champs Elysees they have a 5 floor LV and Rue Saint Honore. The food is amazing, the coffee is delicious, and the pastries...they melt in your mouth!

  4. It's like someone designed Paris for fashionistas...who love food! What more could I ask for?