Sunday, January 8, 2012

Updated Make-up/Perfume Storage

Last year, I showed you a few of my storage projects including my closet and my make-up. Well, as much as I love my make-up desk/vanity, I was not getting the proper use out of it. It is downstairs and the lighting is not very good there. So I tried the Sterlite drawers and got tired of that option. So here is what I came up with!

This is a collection of my most used lipsticks and glosses as well as brushes. I used some plastic organizers I bought from both ebay and Target.  But it look kind of cluttered on my dresser so I placed the organizers in this basket. I don't use full make-up everyday, but I at least try to wear lipstick, mascara and some blush. My favorite blush, M.A.C.'s Her Blooming Cheek, is hiding between the two lipstick organizers. It's bright pink, but does not look harsh on. Just gives a healthy glow!

The rest of my make-up is in my train case.

This is a basket for towels (it even says the word towels on the opposite side but I turned it around)
It both houses and hides my collection and still allows me to access everything easily!

These are my perfumes still on the cake stand!  If you look closely you will see the Juicy box in the back just waiting to be given away to a lucky follower! BTW, did you enter?

I really like to re purpose items for organizing. A towel basket and a cake stand was a lot more inexpensive than fancy organizers. The basket I purchased at Marshall's and the cake stand at Target. Both were a little under ten dollars.


  1. I really need to start organizing my cosmetics. I have a drawer of make-up and every morning it's me going through the drawer trying to find this that and the other!

  2. I know! I lived like that for way too long! (still do in some ways!) Until I said enough is enough! It's such a shame too for us girls who love make-up and clothes!!

  3. I love the idea of perfume on a cake stand! I never thought of that. Very cool!