Monday, January 2, 2012

It's January? Time to Shop

It's January now and you know what that means...After-Christmas Sales!

Like I really need an excuse to shop, but really January is my favorite month to find amazing deals! I mean, the sales are so good they "make you wanna slap yo momma"! Hahaha, not literally of course... it's just a saying... oh c'mon Mom, I didn't mean it! Anyway, here are a couple of beauty/home/fashion items I picked up so far!

I love these bright bags by The Sak!  Placed on my blanket from Mexico it looks even more colorful!

In New York, there is usually a sea of black jackets everywhere you look!
 For good reason, it's a wardrobe staple.
But I love purple, so I had to have this cute down jacket by Calvin Klein.
It's  fitted and a little more unexpected than black.

So cute! Pajama set from Forever21

Yankee Candle is having a sale and I love these diffuser sets!

Some people don't like cutesey packaging. I am not one of those people. So I had to snatch up a couple of B&BW Christmas gift sets. Like I tell my husband. "Christmas isn't over until I say it is!"

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  1. Nice things although I pray that your mom is doing well now lol