Sunday, January 15, 2012

Graphic Tee Time

I'm not trying to get too fancy during my down time, so I really love a graphic tee. If it's music inspired, even better! Love the OmniPeace tee I'm wearing since proceeds go to a good cause. Plus, I've had that tee for a couple of years and it's definitely worth the money as far as quality goes. Looks new after a million washes!

A cute tee, leather jacket and some dark jeans has me feelin' like a rock star. One of the best places for these music tees is Walmart! Surprisingly, that's where I got the Beatles, Madonna, Marley tees. The Doors was from Kmart. And Miss Audrey was from Target.

Do you rock graphic tees?


  1. I love graphic tees. I'm always purchasing mine from Loft (because they're usually connected with a cause eg. breast cancer research). I think they're so cute. Love your collection Erica. PEACE

  2. I don't have too many of these graphic tees, just the audrey hepburn one. I'll have to check out target for more of them :)

  3. so cute, love your hair cut

    thanks for visiting my blog, i hope you return soon ;-)