Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sneak Peek: Closet Encounters Part Two

When I first began this blog, I posted pictures of my closets. I have been on a mission to organize my closets since it's a bit hectic to get dressed sometimes. I have one in my bedroom and two downstairs in my basement and I find myself going up and down a lot to get stuff. The one advantage is that I'm getting a good workout (that's for sure).

I split it up like this. Pants, skirts and shorts (Bottoms) in one closet downstairs. I did that since my upstairs closet isn't long enough for me to hang my pants the way I like (clipped by the waist)

Next, shirts, blouses, and jackets (Tops) in another closet. Oh and everything color coordinated helps too. That's my next step.

I'm exhausted just talking about it! What's your closet set-up and what has worked best for you?

Downstairs closet before (original picture): A little of everything and kind of a mess

After: just pants, jeans, skirts (bottoms) and shoes, a little better :)


  1. I have a very small closet since I'm living in the dorms at college, so unfortunately I don't have much space. I have a hanging rack for my shoes on the left side. Then my robe, pants, and dresses because they hang longer. And the I have my tops organized by color. My t-shirts and sweat pants and pajamas barely fit in the small dresser I have. I have to leave winter clothes at my parents house during summer months, and summer clothes at parents house during winter months. Don't we all just love college life? Haha

    xoxo, jaz

  2. I have a huge walkin.....its still not big enough....Im always looking for ways to store things as well...I have hanging shoe racks..over the door shoe racks, lol...tie racks that hold jewelry.....I try to keep it as organized as I can. I have an extra closet in my office (3 rooms away from mine) but I cant seem to use it....if its out of sight, then its out of mind for me....and the saga

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  3. I remember those days Jasmine, my late 90's college wardrobe was a pair of flared jeans, a turtleneck, black pants, a pea coat and platform boots my mom hated. I had a roommate who was very fashionable and we shared each other clothes! The girl owned leather pants! We had to made it work on a small budget.

    Collete, I know what you mean...the more space we have, the more we fill it up!