Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Fashion Report Card

Ooh, it was a year of fur vests and combat boots. Big shoulders and ankle socks with heels? Yes, we saw it ALL in 2010 and some things were better than others. Unlike report cards in school, I am only listing the trends with the highest marks...straight A's! These grades are extremely biased though. They are the trends I  had the most fun wearing, so there is a definite curve.

Fur Vest
When these things started popping up in Ann Taylor Loft you knew the trend was dying down. But trend or not, I love a fur vest.

Leopard Accents
I love leopard so I was happy to see it roar big in 2010. Leopard is classic, but there are some years when it's hotter than others and 2010 was such a year. I am partial to this look because FabSugar selected it as a Look of the Week! So any excuse for me to show it again is fine by me!

One Shoulder
Fashion was a little one sided this year with one shoulder tops. But I loved them. Even Michelle Obama did as she was seen wearing this trend also.

And finally sequins were sparkling all over the place this year. From berets to skirts to jackets. Sequins during the daytime? Oh yeah! Sparkle is my best friend, so I was pleased. And what better way to ring in 2011 than with some shine. Here's to another year of fashion, trends and fun!


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  2. I love this post! Leopard print, faux fur, and sequins were my favorite trends! And lace!


  3. I love all these trends and pics! Leopard is def my fave, hope it sticks around a little longer :) xx

  4. Love! You look really good in black, and the vest is just gorgeous!

    Love Dayna