Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

Here's my major Goodwill haul. I found a lot of good stuff!

 Kasper blazer $5
Nice sheen 

 Tahari blazer $2.79
Cute and fitted

 Tahari blazer $5
Pretty in pink

DKNY blazer $5
Nautical inspired

LV Pouchette $19.99
(Pretty sure this is a knockoff, but good price) 

SJP Bitten jeans $5
Ankle length for pairing with flats 


  1. WOW are you serious that is awesome !!!1

  2. i LOVE goodwill! you got soo many great blazers, girl!!

  3. Love the jackets....I need to take a visit there myself soon!

  4. look at you.. you scored big time.. I love it when that happens. One time when my mom was visiting we went around to all the stores and I was lucky in every one I went in.. I probably only spent about $60 and got so many things.. skirts, shoes, bags, jewelry, coats... never gotten that lucky since.. but waiting for it!!

    love your stuff cant wait to see it on you!! xoxo J