Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jennifer Aniston's Wedges

I would love to to be as chic as Jennifer Aniston. Who wouldn't? That woman can wear neutrals like nobody's business. I fell for these Stuart Weitzman Alex wedges she wore last summer...

Stuart Weitzman at ShopStyle

Gorgeous, I know, but for over 300 dollars, they're a wee bit out of my budget. So I found these Franco Sarto shoes for $40 at TJMaxx instead and I think they're very similar and the arch is a little less steep so dare I say they just may be more comfortable.

Here's another option available in black and beige that is quite close for only $26...
Jo-Jo at ShopStyle


  1. Loving the shoes girl !!! Thanks for you words on my fall it was so embrassing it was like I was falling from a ladder with the five inch heels I had on lololol

  2. What a great price for those shoes...Ive tried a couple pair..they always end up killing the back of my ankle...these just might work:)

  3. Stuart Weitzman makes the best shoes. I got the apron clogs last summer and it was the best investment I ever made. I wear them constantly.

    November Grey & Secondhand Star

  4. Do you what the style is called on the Franco Sarto shoes? SO cute!!