Monday, April 18, 2011

Levi's Love Affair

I am a jeans addict. I have tried almost every brand out there...low-end to high-end.
From Lee's to Sevens to Joe's Jeans to Calvins. I have flares, skinnies, trouser jeans in all washes. You name it, I have tried to squeeze myself into 'em. Although, I will never find the "perfect" pair of jeans, I do have one brand and style that I always return to. And that I have worn for years. They're kind of like an old lover that tempts you to stay with them, even though your eye is wandering to others.

That brand is Levi's and the jeans are 515 bootcuts. Nothing fancy, but they work for me. And they are mid-rise perfection. (Low-rise jeans have never been a friend of mine). I just bought these at Kohl's, so looks like my lover is back...for now.

Here they are...

Levi's at ShopStyle


  1. Who doesnt love a great fitting pair of Levis? You look great in yours!

  2. Rocking the jeans girl you have such a tiny waist wooow looking good good girl

  3. Looking good girl love your look