Monday, April 11, 2011

Photo Flashback: Nelly Furtado Inspired

I haven't done a photo flashback in forever! This is a picture I took back in 2001 I believe. It's funny how I was "fashion blogging" back then minus the blog. I think I started putting outfit ideas together in the womb. At the time, I was planning on going to an MTV audition for a singing show, but that show didn't end up getting developed for some reason and I never got to audition. The show wanted contestants to emulate current artists almost exactly and a list was provided to chose from. I was going to sing a Nelly Furtado song since I was crazy about her. And I was also prepared to dance if need be. I wasn't playing around. So I also needed to dress like Nelly. I loved that skirt! I would even wear that outfit today. Not really sure why my arms are held out like that. Maybe it was a kind of "Hey, look at me" moment. Ah, youth.

Tank: Banana Republic
Necklace: NYC Street Vendor
Skirt: Free People (Loehman's located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn)
Shoes: Banana Republic (SoHo Banana Republic)

*These shoes were the first item I ever bought with my first real paycheck. I still have them and wear them. I tended to buy a lot of neutral colors for coats, shoes etc... to stretch my dollars and so I could match anything I already owned. I saved bright colors for my clothes only.

I almost forget, here's the song...


  1. I love the old look great NF rocks:)

  2. lol aww how cute! looking back on the past always makes you smile, doesnt it? :)

  3. You look just to cute here you had her sytle down !!! To bad the shoe never came about

    Happy Monday sweet thing

  4. I love Nelly.. you look awesome love that skirt