Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cartier Panthere ring, I'm getting warmer

Another day, another panther ring! I have been clawing away, trying to find the perfect panther ring to tame my Cartier cravings. A few weeks ago I showed you the Kohl's version that came close to what I wanted.
Of course, this is what I really wanted...

Cartier 'Panthere De Cartier' Ring 
Just look at that bad boy!  
price: approx. $14,000

Um yeah, that's not going to happen, so... I found this little cutie above at Macy's. It's by the Material Girl line created by Madonna. I bought mine in the gold tone (not the silver shown). It is sold out online. But if you like it, be sure to check out the Material Girl line at your local Macy's. 

Material Girl ring
Very close in design to the Cartier Panthere  
price: $16

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  1. thanks dear :) yes yours may be authentic if i looks like the one i have! yay for us :) xx