Friday, September 23, 2011

Fantastic Beauty Buys

I found some more beauty gems at Marshall's that I recommend. Here's the breakdown:

First, the face!

1. Soy Beauty Anti-Aging Cream with Soybean Protein & Dead Sea Minerals
I have discovered that soy based products make my skin clearer and brighter so when I see soy, I'm on it like white on rice!

Another staple in my soy collection is anything Aveeno 
Ulta at ShopStyle

Then, the hair!

BEDHEAD Hook-up Mousse Wax
I use mousse, I use wax. So this hybrid is the perfect answer to my short hair styling needs.

Big Sexy Hair  Root Pump Spray Mousse
This is my second little bottle of this stuff. It's easy to use and more precise than a handful of mousse.



The Body Shop DeoDry
Beauty is head to toe, so I had to address the underarms. This claims 24 hour protection and dryness. I had a huge problem with hypohyrdosis as a teen. Maybe I'll dedicate an entire blog post to that experience! I love Dove deodorant, but I wanted to try this out also.

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