Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photo Flashback: Cape for a Coat

It's been raining all week, so I have been a bad fashionista! Still reeling a bit form Irene, trying to think forward to fall and I really haven't been putting together too many outfits! Shame on me!

For running around, I have been living in leggings, Burberry-esque rain boots, t-shirts and my Gap jean jacket. Not very fashion forward, but it gets the job done. I need to get into a more fashionable state of mind soon, no excuses, rain or no rain! So in the meantime, flashback time! I usually do my "Photo Flashbacks" from back in the day when I was a wee one, but I decided to take it back to a more recent of my fav looks from last fall!

That's me. October 2010, Cape for a Coat. And in some tights. I don't think it was raining that day!

Those were plain black tights, but I came across these tights and I am excited to incorporate them into looks. So many of you fashionable bloggers wear cool designs like these, so I am going to try to wear them this fall more often. I bought these on sale at the end  of last spring.

Do you ever get into a fashion slump due to crazy weather?


  1. so nice tights!

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  2. Oh yes! I sure do get into a fashion slump when it is lousy out, especially in the winter time in Chicago and it is about -5 all I want to do is wear thick black fleece and boots. You look cute in that cape, hope you kept it!

  3. love your outfit very pretty and no not really its never really cold in sunny California so if anything you need clothes on jajaj