Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moment of Weakness Bag

I had put myself on a strict shopping "fast" and I was doing well...until I  had a slight moment of weakness with this bag from Aldo!

Do you ever give up shopping and how long does that last? 


  1. You, shopping fast? That bag is hotness, love it.

  2. Love the purse! That is something I would buy for sure!

  3. I didn't say it was a long fast, hehe!!

  4. I've never tried it because it'd be like Bessie not brushing her teeth. Yup that is how close Shopping and I have as a relationship... That bag is HOTTTT my friend! Enjoy it and show it off!

  5. ophh my that bag look fierce !!1 girl your preaching to the choir jajaj

  6. I'm always trying to tell myself that I can't shop, and it's SO HARD! My moments of weakness are ridiculously often. lol.
    I love the bag.
    But I cannot even go into Aldo by myself anymore because I know that if I do I'll walk out with a purse or a pair of shoes. My self control for shopping is constantly being tested. lol