Friday, September 9, 2011

Make-up to Beautify Your Budget

I'm wearing...
L'oreal Decrease Eye Shadow Base
Rimmel London Mono Eyeshadow in Glam Ice
Rimmel London Mono Eyeshadow in Night Jewel
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Baby Pink

At home haircuts, drugstore cosmetics? Someone is trying to save money (me! me!)

I was close to going to MAC, but I went to Target instead. As much as I love MAC, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown and my make-up collection is a mix of many brands, I needed a basic eyeshadow primer and a highlighter eyeshadow for less. So although I could have justified a visit to MAC, the real challenge was spending less and getting something that may work also.

Here is what I bought and what inspired it...

Instead of Urban Decay Primer Potion, I used L'oreal Decrease Eyeshadow Base. I have used this primer before and it's very good. It is creamy and dries to a powdery finish on contact. Make eyelids feel "soft"!

Instead of MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow, I used Rimmel London Glam Ice. The MAC Vanilla is creamier and more nude. But I could not for the life of me find a highlight eyeshadow in Target that I liked, so I chose this one and it was more shimmery white. I had low expectations for this Rimmel since it was only about 4 dollars. But when I swatched it, I saw that it was better than I expected. And so many reviewers seem to love it on so I think I "done good".

So, I went back and picked up two more shadows. I like the gray one Night Jewel (used it with the white), but honestly the brown one called Spicy Bronze wasn't all that.

L'Oreal at ShopStyle

Rimmel at ShopStyle

 When it comes to make-up, do you resist the urge to splurge and look for budget friendly alternatives?


  1. I am going to try Loreal's decrease because I've just run out of eyeshadow primer from bare minerals...$20 for a super teeny tiny tube... Yeah...this alternative sounds better! I will buy a good foundation and powder from Lancome because my skintone is yellow so the counter has colours that provide an exact match. As for eyeshadows I love LOVE going to the drugstore, HIP is my favorite, it doesn't flake when you swatch it!

  2. I do love my Lancome powder also! I was lucky enough to find it at Marshall's of all place, but when it runs out I do have to splurge. I also used to use Shiseido powder foundation which is amazing for yellow tone skin like mine is as well and the packaging was so beautiful!