Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo Flashback: La Isla Del Encanto

The island of enchantment. I finally got the opportunity to visit the homeland I always heard about in 2007. I was born in NY and never visited Puerto Rico, although my father was born there and my mother lived there briefly. I planned on wearing white when I did see El Morro. Have you visited the your homeland? Where is it and what did you wear?  And what songs remind you of your homeland? I'd love to hear about your experiences and adventures!

This song and video captures the feeling of Puerto Rico so beautifully...
La Perla by Calle 13 with Ruben Blades.
It's about food, family, music and growing up in PR.

Here's a similar look to my dress...

Newport News at ShopStyle


  1. You look GORGEOUS in this photo!!!

  2. que bella!!
    im going back in the end of August for a first family vacay and my daughters first trip to Puerto Rico!!!

    I cannot wait! I hope you enjoyed your trip!

  3. Looks so pretty - I have always wanted to visit! I have only been through the airport there, but about ten people can up to me to ask me questions thinking I was a local! Haha!