Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sneak Peek: Celebrity Twins

 Here I am, little 'ol non-famous me.

They say everyone has a twin, but have you ever been told that you look like a famous celebrity? I have been told I look like a few and I'm usually either flattered or just plain confused.

Here are a few I've been told I look like...but you have to promise you won't laugh at some that are a stretch! Usually they have somewhat almond eyes like I do, that's a lot of the resemblance.

 Nia Long...I can see a little similarity here 
Catherine Zeta...hmm, that's who I was morphed into at this cool website called
so I'll take it. Try that site, you'll find your twin too. It's cool to see your face transform into theirs!

Here's the rest of the short list:
1. Paula Abdul (she's great, but I really don't look like her)
2. Alanis Morrisette (at the the time my hair was long and I can play the harmonica)
3. Neve Campbell (I heard this all the time when Party of Five was on tv)
4. Cindy Crawford (I mean, cmon..not even close, but I'll take it though ;) 
5. Halle Berry (say what? that's another stretch but we both have short hair so...o.k.!)
6. Mya (the R & B singer, that one was a little close)

According to are a few more twins
Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls mom, she's cool, she likes coffee)
Nancy Kerrigan (big teeth, small me)
Maria Menounos (gorgeous and Greek, so I'll take it)
Natalie Portman (I got nothing...but she's amazing so...o.k.)

Who's your celebrity twin (or twins)? Share!


  1. You're lovely! I see Nia and Catherine.. Paula Abdul, don't see it!

    I get Katherine McPhee.. But not much else :D


  2. Katherine McPhee...very nice!

  3. I've been getting Eva Longoria lately. After years of getting Sandra Bullock.

  4. Yeah I looked at the post (bad ballerina) and I agree, they look alike :)

    On my blog people have said I look like Katy Perry... Don't see that myself haha but of course it's a complement, she's an amazing woman :)

  5. I can definitely see the similarity in the first photo I am going to go try this website right now!