Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School Haul

This week was the start of a new school year for many kids. My niece officially started first grade! But, do you really have to go back to school to get caught up in back to school shopping? I graduated from college a while ago, so I have no business calling this a back to school haul, but I will anyway!

Here's what I bought at TJ Maxx:

Steve Madden cross body bag. The rose detail reminds me of a Valentino bag so I had to get it.
Cauble and Gauge cowl neck sweater. An absolute steal.
Jessica Simpson hat. This is a wool hat better suited for winter, buy early and save I always say. (Love that bow). And it's a great pop of color for cold days too.
Swarovski crystal hair clips. I wasn't sure if I should get these, but I think they'll come in handy with the process of attempting to grow out my hair. And I loved the shades of pink and purple. Two colors I adore.

Here are some items inspired by this haul. (Or check out TJ Maxx for more of the exact items I posted). Happy back to school shopping everyone!


  1. Love the bag and the cute..great job

  2. LUCKY girl...I love all of these...:)I really want a chain purse too.....youll wear it well:)

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