Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome to Wine Country

My husband and I recently visited a local wine vineyard...

It was sunny and beautiful out, so my husband and I went to a wine vineyard for the first time. I wore a really basic outfit complete with sneakers! At wineries I figured there's grass and soil, so I didn't want to ruin cute shoes. I also wasn't sure what to wear so I dressed for it almost the same way I would dress for a day in the park. Jeans, a tee and sneakers! But there's a way to "pretty" up that combination to make it look dressier.

I chose teal blue just in case I spilled some wine (I didn't!) and I went for a monochromatic look. Trouser jeans camouflaged my black sneakers. If you ever have to do some major walking, that's a trick I use often...wear wide leg jeans that can cover most of your not-always-glam walking shoes. I was going to wear ballet flats, but I knew I shouldn't and I'm glad I didn't.

A cotton Forever 21 fitted tee shirt with ruffle details, my Steve Madden stud purse and shades complete this jeans, tee and sneakers combo that I wore in wine country.

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  1. wow cool pictures love the bag
    xoxo, jaz