Friday, September 24, 2010

Photo Flashback: A Dream Fulfilled

I'd like to share a Photo Flashback that means a whole lot to me!  

I always wanted to take dance as a child, but I wasn't able to. So during college, I went for it. Most of the girls in my classes took dance at an early age, whereas I just danced around in my room with my sister. It was easy to feel intimidated or not good enough, but I knew I had to follow this dream so I did. Eventually, I worked my way up to the choreographer class. Learning to dance seemed so out of reach, so being able to sit in the crowd to watch my dancers perform was even better and something I thought I would never do. Looking back, I see that God was helping me to dream even bigger.

It's never to late to follow a dream and it's never to late to do what makes you happy!

Of course, all things here lead back to one of my favorite! Here's a picture from my one of my first dance shows. Can you pick me out? This was for a program called Children's Dance Theater. We performed for children at local elementary schools. It was a blast! I featured my earlier crazy leotard outfit in a previous post that was...yikes! But, fashion-wise, this was a costume I actually liked. The flouncy skirt, the flower in my hair, all so much fun.


  1. on the right! love that gorgeous smile of yours! you look great! And i love this story!

    xoxo, jaz