Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Little More New York

I majored in journalism during college and I always wanted to incorporate photography into my writing. I  wanted to be a photojournalist like Larry Appleton from Perfect Strangers. Ever see that show? (There I go showing my age again) Remember when he waited for hours all cramped up on a building to get a shot of a church? So funny! Here are shots from the cutting room floor that didn't make it into the "A night in New York City" post. But I decided to post them, since you can never have too much New York City!

Ironic that I am stuck in traffic, but check out the movement on that billboard! 
I wish I could flip over all of this traffic too. 

A fire escape isn't necessarily thought of as a beautiful, but in a strange way it is. 

The shot is blurred, but with the fast NYC cabs it fits.  

The energy of NYC has always inspired me to be creative in fashion, writing, you name it!
What places inspire you the most and encourage you to take your personal style to the next level? 
Is it a beach setting, city life or the country?

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  1. nyc is so pretty in through your camera lense. :D