Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweatsuit Alternative No. 2

I was about to go on a four hour car ride and needed to be comfy. So here's another "sweatsuit alternative". A good replacement for sweatpants are leggings. These are capri leggings with lace accents on the bottom. I added a v-neck stretch tee and a draped gray cardigan. I was going to wear ballet flats, but switched to these sneakers at the last minute. They resemble classic Chuck Taylors, but I like these more since they have a very cushioned insole. If you don't have problem feet, go for the Chucks since they always fit the bill.

A simple outfit that's perfect for four hours in the car!

Cardigan: Marina Luna
Shirt: Tresics
Capri Leggings: Bozzolo
Sneakers: Airwalk for Payless

1 comment:

  1. Way to ride in style...thats a long amount of time in a car, you look fab!