Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Black with a Pop

"There's nothing more chic than when you wear black with a pop of bright color."
-Rachel Zoe 

Aside: I was looking over this entry last night while watching the RZ project (I like to fashion multi-task) and she said the above quote during the Armani fashion show. How cool..maybe she'd like my dress?  I'd like to think that Rachel is my fashion conscience. There was a lot of black and red during the Armani show, so I may be on to something here. What a crazy coincidence though! Although the sight of Brad and Johnny Weir strutting in high heels kind of made me forget Armani, Milan, pops of color, the whole deal  (Sorry to ramble on, but new RZ Project episodes do that to overload).

Here's the story on the dress: I am a budget shopper, this is true. But sometimes it's fun to splurge on a dress. I scored this dress at the Lord and Taylor Clearance Center nearby. That store had major deals.
Sadly, it closed...I feel some tears coming on.

Back to the dress, I still didn't really splurge and only paid what would have been just the tax full price. I don't know...either it was my lucky day, I am drawn to bargains or I'm just really cheap.

But that being said, I would buy another David Meister dress for full price. This dress is actually listed as a size four which is so not my size! Especially in less expensive dresses. That's why I like this dress too. It tells me lies, tells me sweet little lies.

Here are some more David Meisters for your consideration...


  1. LOVE the dress...I love a little "pop color" look fabulous in it:)

    Statements in Fashion

  2. love this...great for a conservative look or a cocktail party or soemthing fancy

  3. This dress looks fantastic with the red! I adore Rachel Zoe. She has such amazing style and real knack for dressing her she is funny! I wonder if she will decide to have a baby soon.

  4. Hopefully she does, but I think fashion is her number one baby! Poor Rodger :)

  5. Gorgeous dress and the pop of red works so well xoxo