Friday, December 17, 2010

Her Blooming Cheek

Well, what do you know, I received the blush today. Oh happy day! What's better than getting make-up in the mail?

 This is M.A.C. Powder blush in Her Blooming Cheek 
and a cute brush by Essential Beauty that I bought to match the blush!

Here it is in "full bloom"! I am only wearing the blush and a little Elizabeth Arden lip gloss. That's all you need for a fresh look sometimes! That ultra vibrant pink translates to a nice healthy glow. It's never as loud or garish as it may look in the package once you actually put it on! Just a quick application on the apples of cheeks while sweeping upwards to the temples and you're done. Rosy cheeks for the winter!


  1. that blush looks amazing on your cheeks, it's the perfect shade for brunettes

  2. What a pretty color! It looks like a natural flush!