Saturday, December 11, 2010

Seven Year Old Swagga

Music will sneak into this blog since I love it! Today I went to the doctor and he told me to say ahhh. I did and he laughed and asked me if I was a singer. I said, I do sing and he said I had a nice tone! Isn't that funny? I was singing at the doctor's office for pete's sake.

I love all music genres, but I also love to rap when I go out to karaoke. But if I ever expect to break into hip-hop anytime soon, I need to up my grind because this seven year old named MattyB is already on his way to the top!

This kid has been on the Wendy Williams show and has already met Katy Perry, Hailey Williams of Paramoure and a slew of other celebrities. The next Eminem? Maybe. All I know is this kid has "mad flow"!


  1. thanks for sharing your love for singing..I love learning more about other bloggers.

    And great video...amazingly talented kid!!