Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This little pin reminds me of something Jack Skellington would wear on his lapel in The Nightmare Before Christmas instead of a carnation. I recieved a gift card from my in-laws, so I decided to purchase this at JCPenny's.

But, I showed it to my husband and he was like, "You want to wear a spider?" He hates spiders, but there's something cool and un-creepy about this pin and it doesn't really scare me. C'mon, I ain't scared of no pin! (ghosts? yes, pin? no)

This is the scene where Jack discovers Christmas Town. My friend in college insisted that I see this movie, so he gave me the VHS tape. Did I just say VHS? Oh, man. The movie was cool, but I scare easily. (I mean, I was a little scared even re-watching this clip)!



  1. cool pin i love it even tho i hate spiders! its sparkly so its all good :) haha


  2. Yeah! Spider pin! Why not? It comes in a super cool box, too.

  3. Love this!! Im all into insects right now....totally up my alley:)

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  4. love it I really like this piece !!! and yes I have the same problem my calfs hate them but these boots are all spandex in the back love them I got them at Bakers last year but they have them this year too if they fit me for sure they will fit you !!!

  5. ooh, gotta check them out! Thx!!