Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Before Gaga...Madonna

I'm an 80's kid so I grew up listening to Madonna (or Madge as she is called by the British). Besides that you know by now that I love music...alot.

So when I saw this little shirt at Walmart, I said, why not? And it was only 5 dollars. Walmart has some pretty cool tees like this. I am kind of obsessed with "band" tees. I have one for The Doors, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hello Kitty (wait a second, she's not a singer). I love a face on a shirt for some reason! If I could I would wear my own face on a t-shirt like Paris Hilton does, but I think I have to be famous first to do that. People would be surprised to find tees like this in places like Walmart, Kmart and Target but that's pretty much where I find all of them. (Except for the bedazzled Rolling Stones shirt I found in H and M) Great casual shirts for singing, playing Rock Band or and relaxing in!


  1. I still love Madonna so I love this t-shirt! Is it just me or does the new Lady Gaga song, 'Born This Way' sound a lot like 'Express Yourself'? And when I saw the video for 'Alejandro' my first thought was, Have Madonna's lawyers seen this? You know what I'm saying?

    I found you through Statements in Fashion, btw. Nice to meet you!

  2. love it I was Madonna for Halloween when I was young every time I see her put me back when I was 10 !!! great shirt