Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thirsty for a Citrus Blazer

This is a thrifted blazer I bought recently for...drumroll please...2 dollars ($2.70 to be exact)
My lunch today cost more than that! I am not gonna lie, it has some serious shoulder pad action, which I considered removing, but they are growing on me...literally. I paired it with some ripped jeans and my snakeskin purse.

Blazer: Sag Harbor
Jeans 2Bebe
Tee: Old Navy
Bag: Dooney and Bourke
Boots: Kohl's

These are my jeans. The first jeans I ever ordered by mail without having to try on and they fit perfectly. 

Bebe at ShopStyle


  1. i love this blazer and that price is AWESOME! Great find.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. What a color cute blazer! Reminds me of the one I just wore Friday night and posted.

  3. What a steal on that blazer!!!!! LOVE the summer color:)

  4. love the blazer--a total steal. i like the shoulder pads, too!

  5. Love your hair cut. Your blazer has such a great color.


    Fashion Nostalgia