Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Vintage Roundup

I love What Not to Wear, I have probably watched every episode, I even met Stacy London once, I am just beyond obsessed with that show! 

So on the latest episode of What Not to Wear, a cute lady in her 40's was chastised by Stacy and Clinton for dressing all vintage, all the time! Her look was a bit costumey and even though the fashion duo were correct in their assessment, I kind of liked her style and bravado. Of course, she later learned how to incorporate vintage into her wardrobe while still looking modern. I have a few go to vintage gems in my own wardrobe and I was looking over old blog posts to see where I pulled them out. Here's a round-up of those I remember...

Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress (70's) 

 Vintage Sequin Jacket (80's)
Worn for a dinner out 
I like this jacket over current sequin blazers because it is thicker, has a nice lining and doesn't itch!
Ever notice that older pieces are sometimes better made?

Here's that same jacket as part of my Michael Jackson costume,
so you see vintage pieces can double for costumes, if you let them! This jacket is putting in work! 

What are your favorite vintage pieces and how do you make them 2011 ready?


  1. I agree...a little bit of Vintage goes a long way, all of your outfits are great examples of that:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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  2. Hi Erica, I am so loving the DVF dress, the LV bag (I am a big LV fan) and the sequin jacket is divine! I have a Chanel bag (a baby 2.55) from 2003. What do you think, does it count as vintage yet or does it need a few more years? Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm following you starting now!

  3. You have very nice staple vintage pieces that you will wear for years. I think thats really key when selecting vintage.
    I usually pair mine with a current trend. For example, a vintage a-line skirt with a leopard belt or sky high wedges.

  4. I liked that Stacey and Clinton let that woman keep so many of her good quality vintage pieces.

    You're working these in exactly the right way - love these looks. I do similar to you (I thrift and shop consignment a lot) in that I like to mix vintage with new to keep it looking current.

  5. @jill815...I wasn't sure what counted as vintage, but on the latest Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, George said it had to be 25 years?? I think it should be more like 10. But the fact that you have a Chanel 2.55 is so awesome!!