Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Only Girl in the World

I love that song. I sing it at karaoke. And I am loving RiRi's graphic travel outfit.

Here's Rhianna's look...

And here's my take...

Are you tired of hearing me talk about traveling yet? My bad, but I just can't help it! There's so much fashion and beauty involved with that topic (that and I hadn't taken a trip in four years). So I was on a mission to find a cute and comfy travel ensemble and I decided to look to celebs for a little inspiration since they are always so annoyingly fabulous at the airport. I knew I wasn't going to rock Louboutins and a sheath dress like Mrs.Victoria Beckham, so I looked to Rhianna for inspiration. I liked her outfit, but chose a cardigan instead so I can remove it when I get too warm. I also ditched the "Max Headroom" glasses and added a hat even though I think those shades are kind of awesome.

Cardigan: Jeanne Pierre
Houndstooth Cap: Fair Weather Accesories
Sneakers: Airwalks
Handbag: Junior Drake
Jeans: Apt Nine for Kohl's

New York & Co. at ShopStyle

Antonio Melani at ShopStyle


  1. Fun hat..lovin the stripes and look:)

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  2. Cool hat!

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  3. oo! I love the black and white in this outfit :) So cute!