Thursday, March 24, 2011

French Dressing Via Scarves

Katie's not French, but she's still chic

I envy French women and their style. I started reading about how they look so effortlessly chic to get ideas. They focus on a wardrobe of investment pieces and then they embellish them with accessories. I always try to do that, but then I end up shopping for new things. I'm bad like that. But one thing I can take from the French is their love of scarves. Just like a "statement necklace", a silk scarf with a fun pattern can serve as jewelry and a focal point. I'm still learning to tie one perfectly, but for now here is my Jones New York scarf...

What tips do you steal from those fab French ladies?


  1. I wish I could have that inherent effortless style like the french. Can't say that I've taken any tips from them, but I like your scarf idea. They're so underused here (or at least where I live).

  2. love scarfs and your right French women make it look effortless to look fabulous !!!

  3. Love the French....such amazing style!!!!

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  4. I love scarves, they really go a long way in making an outfit standout.

  5. Scarves are such a perfect accessory. So many color, fabrics, lengths, etc.! Oh so chic! ~Val