Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back on the Train Case

I go through phases where I want all my make-up in one place or I want stuff in smaller bags. So I decided to go back to putting everything in one place. I dug up my empty train case from the closet and decided to organize. There are so many too choose from from a million different places such as Target, Sephora, Walmart. I bought this at Kmart. Initally I was going to get a plain one, but this colorful, quirky one seemed more fun.

As you can see I have fallen in love with Revlon lipglosses. The four middle ones are the most used. A bright pink, gold, coral and soft pink. Very versatile colors that go with a lot of looks.

Here I have my eyeshadows,  lipsticks and mascaras. I usually don't buy eyeshadow palletes because I like to chose colors indiviudally. Although the Urban Decay NAKED pallete that is so popular was tempting me when I bought my UD Ransom shadow. Maybe next time.

On the bottom is the ELF eyeshadow pallete I do own that has a few workable shades. This train case has slots to hold brushes but to avoid a powdery mess, I decided to place a few brushes I use most often in a couple of zip-locs. Once they get messy, I can easily toss the bag.

What's your favorite way to organize your make-up?


  1. That case is adorable! Now that I'm actually starting to buy make-up and try it out, I keep it in a little make up bag!

  2. Cute girly case, I like your lip gloss shades.:D

    I use a 10-drawer cart for my makeup.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  3. I can't believe you got this gorgeous case at Kmart so jealous...mine is plain black....boring.

    <3 Marina